Walden Women in Technology (WWIT) is a special interest group focused on providing women with a technology background or interest in technology, a venue for connecting with each other for personal and professional benefit. From a social change perspective, the group supports women in a degree field that is underrepresented by women and helps empower women to network, support each other, and gain professional development opportunities that are transferable in the technology industry.

In 2018 Walden Women in Technology (WWIT) voted on a social change project called “The Encouraging Girls Project.” The idea of The Encouraging Girls project is to create digital templates such as banners, posters, pamphlets, etc., designed to encourage girls to follow or spark their interests in technology. These digital packages would be available to anyone who requests the libraries, schools, girls clubs, techie clubs, etc. WWIT will also utilize social media to post encouraging quotes and positive images related to encouraging girls to explore technology.

Diversity and inclusion are essential in every industry, and they are critical in the technology sector. The Encouraging Girls project helps WWIT create a stronger group of girls and women that will be empowered to be leaders and innovators in technology. WWIT are committed to helping solve the gender and skills gap in STEM. Let’s work together to change these numbers.
Close the gender and skills gap in technology

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Our Mission
The core mission of Walden Women in Technology is to engage, empower, and support women with a technology background or interest in technology in gaining professional development opportunities. To digitally reach girls and women of all ages and encourage an interest in technology. Using technology, we will reach women and girls who are interested in technology and act as a role model for those within the field. We will also share our knowledge, accomplishments, and experiences as women in technology. The primary focus is to remind girls and women that they can have a future in technology as long as they put their minds to it.

Our Vision
To digitally reach young girls and women of all ages and encourage an interest in technology. Additionally, provide the necessary tools and motivation tactics to keep young girls and women interested in the field of technology. Girls with dreams become women with vision.

Our Goals
To create a digital environment where young girls and women can go to our website and ask questions, engage in conversations, and most of all are encouraged by women who were once young girls with the same interest in technology.