The Encouraging Girls Project

Girls can change the world!

Welcome to The Encouraging Girls Project!

Girls can change the world!

Our Digital Template Package

Knowing that many organizations, clubs, schools, libraries, etc. have limited resources, but a need to promote education, enhance critical thinking, and emphasize the learning process both inside and outside of the classroom, we have created package of digital templates that you may use at will to encourage girls who are interested in the field of technology. Request your copy today! It's free!

Why Encourage Girls?

Technology, our ability to understand it and use it, is an important tool for anyone to compete for jobs in our increasingly global business economy. As most of us know all to well, the percentage of women in the technology field is significantly low compared to males in the same field. Our plan is to offer tools that encourage girls to pursue technology!

Commitment to Excellence

The Encouraging Girls Project offers a digital environment where young girls and women can collaborate, ask questions, engage in conversations, and most of all be encouraged by women who were once young girls with the same interest in technology. We will provide digital content via Social Media and Digital Templates of Banners, posters, and pamphlets. Check back often for changes!

Girls with Dreams Become Women with Vision!

Our mission is to digitally reach girls and women of all ages and encourage an interest in technology. We will use technology to reach women and girls who are interested in technology and act as role models for those within the field. We will share our knowledge, accomplishments, and experiences as women in technology. Our focus is to remind girls and women that they can have a future in technology as long as they put their minds to it.